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We offer Specimen

"See information, prices & rules"


The large lake has become a specimen lake the reason for that was, in the summertime the trouts could not survive in it.
we have in 2016 changed our mindes about the sturgeon. When we start in 2016 we only want sturgeon up to 30kg. but we could see that people want them larger, so now we will have sturgeon up to 50kg. we want our sturgeon to be healthy so we will only have about 60-70 sturgeon in the lake. The lake is about 3 to 3,5 meter deep.

We have 3 different speies of sturgeon. Russian, white and beluga.

We also have 4 drifferent speise of carp.


  • rods must have a casting weight of 30g minimum and up.
  • Line must have a minimum breaking strength of 5,5kg.
  • The fishing nets must be able to catch a fish of 20 kg.
  • You may not lift the fish by the tail because it can damage the back of the fish.
  • You need to use a unhooking mat.
  • The fish must never be lift over the knee under photography.
  • The fish may only be weighe in the weighesling.
  • You can only use single hooks, the hooks must be without barb.
  • You may not fishing with herring or other saltwater bait.
  • You may feed the fish is with particlefeed over 2mm.
  • Groundbait is not allowed.
  • You may only fish with the number of rods you have paying for.
  • You may fishing with roach from the large lake not from other lakes.
  • Baitboat is not allowed.
  • Thievery or killing fish from the specimen lake will lead to a tax in of 300kr per. kg and you will be expelled.
  • You may grill or making fire on the fireplaces.
  • Please throw all your garbage in the trash cans.
  • You need to fished with leadcore or monofilament 0.8mm of one meter before the snood to protect the fish.
  • It is not allowed to Sacke the fish.
If you break these rules you may be in expelled.


Pricing for Specimen fishing:
  • 1-12 hours with up to 2 rods 150kr
  • Fishing for sunset costs 50kr extra
  • Supplements rod 1-12 hours is 75kr
A week's fishing 7x 24 hours 2000kr

Rent a set and come and try to catch our carp and sturgeon.
Price 200kr 12 hours exclusive fishing.

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