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Read about Aalsbogaard Lystfiskersøer

"Read our story and what we stand for"

Me and my family.

Since I was a littel boy, I dreamed of having my own Put and Take lake.
but not a lake like someone else I want to be different.
My ambition is to make it one of the best Put and Take.
Not only because of the quantity of the fish I also have many fish in my lakes and it is every important to me, but also the service we give in the tackle shop and around the lakes.
I am married and have 3 children.
Our dream is to make this place our home where we can live and make it special for you to come and visite us.
We have 2 dogs: a French bulldog named Thor and a mix of a papillon / Chihuahua named Chloe, and our cat named Olivia they love when people want to play or talk with them.
We look forward to welcoming you to our lakes.
We have 3 beautiful lakes.
The large lake is a specimen lake where you can fish for carp and sturgeon.
The middle lake, have we cleared. We have removed more than 4,000 cubic meters of mud etc.
so now there is more fishing spots, so you can stand all the way round the lake. Our future plans is to expand the middel lake,so we get a large island in the middle. So you also can fish from the island.
Small lake or "natural lake" as we call it will be remain as natural as possible with rush, bushes and trees.
It is the 2 lakes that we run as traditionnel put and take lakes.
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